Building Wealth while projecting your family and future. 

Robert Bull can help guide you through unique options and uncommon knowledge to bring balance into your personal financial life, through retirement planning and other financial options.  My mission is to ensure that my family, friends, acquaintance and community can face life’s unexpected events and yet still continue to maintain their lifestyle and home environment. This mission will be built on a long-term relationship by providing high-quality products to help meet life’s changing needs.  I am committed to deliver the highest standards of quality service and client relationship, by providing the attention and service to my clients through integrity, trust and products/services only from finally strong companies. I am able to achieve these goals through a variety of insurance and financial products for individuals, families and businesses.


Strategic Financial Advisory Services, Consultancy and Advice for families seeking a visa for entry into the USA.

Robert is also President of The Americas Group Financial Services, LLC, (TAGFS).  The Americas Group Financial Services "TAGFS" is a subsidiary of The Americas Group "TAG" that has over 40 years of experience consulting, marketing and providing merchant banking services in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Americas Group Financial Services "TAGFS" provides marketing support for these projects and through its licensee in Panama, The Americas Group Financial Services, S.A., is uniquely positioned to provide in-country expert advice to foreign investors to assist them in their processes for applying and investing in the USA for EB-5 and E-2 visas.

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