Building a Unique Cash Bucket 
Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 8:32PM
FESPA Financial

How full is your Cash Bucket? In a recent article Kiplinger suggests that for retirees to survive a Market Swoon (Market Drop) investors should have a "Cash Bucket". The article claims: "Some advisers recommend creating three "buckets" of investments: a) cash and short-term CDs; b) short and intermediate term bonds; and c) stock and bond funds".

They go on to state: "If you've planned for the inevitable downturns (you did, right?), you should have enough in cash and cash-like investments to cover two to three years of living expenses". Having a Cash Bucket lets investors leave their portfolio intact during a downtown, allowing it to recover as the market also recovers. This is a great idea. The question is how to build up a Cash Bucket that will continue to grow over time despite market downturns.

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