Are you ready for a bear market?
Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 8:41PM
FESPA Financial

We are facing an upcoming Bear Market in the S&P. Here is a list of world markets that are already in bear territory: United Kingdom (-21.0%), Japan (-23.2%), France (-24.3%), Germany (-28.3%), Hong Kong (-32.5%) and China (-46.7%). Some sector in the USA are already in a Bear Territory: Dow Transport (-24.1%), Russell 2000 (-25.6%) and the Bank Index (-26.1%). The S&P is only down (-13.2%) but it is not immune to a further decline. Find out about one of the few assets that is guaranteed to grow every year, just contact me at

The contagion could be spreading. On January 15th, I posted; "Watch out below. The stock market is heading down and there is no end in sight". Imagine the Japanese Yen slipped and their Central Bank and country was on vacation as a result of the Chinese New Year. So again I say, contact me to find out about one of the few assets that is guaranteed to grow.

Stocks Worldwide Tumble, Credit Weakens Amid Signs of Distress

Signs of distress in financial markets accumulated amid deepening concern over the health of the global economy, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average more…


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