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Adjunct Professor / Seminars / Motivational Public Speaker


Certificate received for teaching at the University of Miami.  Robert Bull taught Strategic Management and Supply Chain Management in June 2011, please note, that this course is taught every June since 2008.  The 2011 class consisted of students who were Brazilian executives and allowed them to receive their Certificate in Administration and Business for the Executive Manager.



Seminars and class courses include:

- Writing an Effective Business Plan (8 Hours)Business plans are vital to properly planning of an operation and obtaining funding from banks, venture capital companies and other sources.  Learn and practice success strategies which will help you succeed in your business venture.

Business Marketing Certificate Program (30 Hours)Increase your business and revenue as you learn to market to your consumers more effectively. Learn to design, implement and manage a comprehensive marketing program for your business including the use of social media, public relations, advertising and other methods.

- Marketing Your Products and Services (8 Hours)Reach new customers by learning to develop your target market.  Learn how having the right products, pricing strategicallydistributing and promoting effectively (including the use of social media) can increase your business success.

- Targeting Your Customers Effectively (8 Hours)Increase your sales and decrease your prospecting time by targeting the right customer profile for your business the first time. Identifying your customer’s needs and developing a profile to seek new customers will be a major part of this workshop.

- International Marketing: Increase Your Market Potential (8 Hours):  Increase the scope of your customers as you learn important concepts to positioning your products toward customers outside of the United States. Learn important distribution concepts which will increase the efficiency of your business and increase customer satisfaction.

- Branding Your Products and Services (8 Hours):  Build value for your business and differentiate from your competition with this course that will help you develop a brand strategy.  Learn how to define your brand, communicate it to your target audiences and increase your business network with the use of a strong identity.